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At NoCo HQ, we have been working on conducting our own research and gathering some insights into remote talent and the impact of remote working in the workplace.

Over 170 participants have taken part in the survey so far, where they responded to different questions surrounding their opinion on remote work, their current remote work situation and the challenges/opportunities that come with this type of work. 

Some of the key takeaway points were:

  • 93% were third-level educated
  • 93% of employers currently facilitate working from home
  • The main benefits to you of working remotely were listed as Less time commuting (82%), Better work-life balance (73%), and Improved productivity (46%).
  • The main challenges were listed as less social (64%) and higher utility cost (32%) and Broadband Quality (30%)
  • 62% would like their employer to offer a closer to home workspace
  • 81% would be more likely to consider an employment opportunity if there was a closer to home workspace available to them.

This survey clearly shows there is demand for remote work but also remote work in a close-to-home environment such as a co-working space. 65% of respondents believed that working from a closer to home workspace help to alleviate challenges faced with remote work such as lack of social aspect of work, higher utility cost and low broadband quality.  81% even admitted they would be more likely to consider a job listing if there was the possibility of working in a close to the home workspace.

Although the respondents listed the pain points of working from home, they also recognised the multiple benefits of working remotely.  82% said they spent less time commuting, 73% had a better work-life balance, 46% reported improved productivity and there was even a 39% drop in stress levels. 

Respondents were asked to rate their at-home workspace based on comparing the quality of the desk, chair, screens, workspace size, workspace comfort, adequate levels of light, air circulation, heating & cooling. 27% stated the space was similar to the office, 23% believed their workspace could improve while 13% admitted their space needed improvement. 

62% of people want their employer to offer a close-to-home workspace with most of the respondents saying they would like to use this space as they need it (56%) and 11% actually looking to use this option on a full-time basis. 

Brian Moran, the co-founder of NoCo, said: While it's been a convenient alternative to the daily commute and the way in which the world kept working through the pandemic, the cracks in working from home are showing. Isolation, lack of social interaction and an adequate workspace in the home are some of the key areas that Ireland's workforce would like their employer to address. The benefits of working remotely, on a hybrid basis are clearly reinforced in our research and employees want their employers to support that with an on-demand workspace close to home.”

As our research clearly highlights, there is a demand across the country for more close-to-home workspaces and options for employees.NoCo allows employers to provide closer-to-home workspaces to their employees in one simple-to-use, online platform! We have a vast network of workspaces available throughout Ireland so there is sure to be a space near you.  

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